Hackathon CEE



What comes to your mind when you hear the word HACKATHON?

A group of high school kids, who are hacking into state computer systems? Sounds terrible and soooo wrong, right? Well, this is not the case. Let us reassure you it isn't that kind of »hacking«. Hackathons today enable individuals to express themselves in a very creative way, whether with the help of a pencil and a piece of paper, a high tech computer... and the right idea.

It is all about well organized groups of individuals creating unique solutions out of nothing, based on the assigned challenges of the company hosting the hackathon. It is about shaping a community that learns together and shares knowledge. It is about solving problems and creating new, innovative solutions. It is about meeting like-minded people. It is about shaping and constructing. Why? Simply because it is fun. Because you can. It is about moving borders in entrepreneurship as a team. It is about the world getting to know you and the ideas, that you will bring to life as a team.

Yeah, it sounds like lots of fun. It is fun!

Marathon of hacking

A "hackathon" or marathon of hacking is an intensive, continuous two-day competition of innovative and creative individuals, who are divided into groups that solve different challenges assigned in advance. Challenges can be purely development, business or a mixture of both – a development and business challenge.

What is the UniCredit Hackathon CEE?

A mixture of both – a developers and business challenge. Teams will be put together with hackers of different backgrounds, including some developers, UX designers and business ideators. The competitors have to keep at all times in mind that the result should be technically complete, marketable and attractive-looking. Yes, this is more than just a hackathon! It's beyond an ordinary hackathon. It is UniCredit Hackathon CEE.

Who can apply?

If you have an idea, want to change the world and want to share this with others, you are just the right type. Welcome newcomers, professionals, thinkers and enthusiasts, actually all ambitious people over the age of 18.

We will welcome both UniCredit employees and external competitors, who want to be part of Open Banking ecosystem and eager to add value. We invite individual external developers, representatives of Fintech Start-ups / Software Companies and Internal Developers, as well as other individuals with ideas on how to create value (for the user and the bank) by using client data.

For UniCredit employees, a specific communication has been sent to the target population, describing timeline and conditions for their application. Employees can apply only through the internal selection platform and only if they are in the target population .

Why to apply?

Because it can be a life changing experience for you.
First of all, there are some really nice monetary prizes.

EUR 10.000 in total, divided into:

EUR 5.000

1st Place Team

EUR 3.500

2nd Place Team

EUR 1.500

3rd Place Team.

The reward will be equally split amongall team members.

Monetary rewards will be transferred directly to individual team members’ accounts to be opened at UniCredit. The best three teams will also have the unique chance to present their solutions in front of the UniCredit CEE Management on 7th of September 2017 in Ljubljana .

At a later stage, members of the best three teams could be invited also to attend the implementation phase of the solution.

Smells like an international job opportunity? You never know!

And how will the greatest
weekend ever look like?


UniCredit Hackathon
CEE First Day
8:30–9:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
9:00–10:00 Organiser's introductory speech, the committee presentation, rules and schedule explanation.
10:00–12:00 Unveiling the chosen business models and
presentation of participants;
dividing participants into teams.
12:00 Lunch at the venue and getting to
know the fellow participants
13:00–18:00 Team work.
18:00 Dinner at the venue.
19:00–00:00 Team work.

UniCredit Hackathon CEE
Second Day
00:00–8:30 Team work for the biggest enthusiasts.
8:30–9:00 Breakfast; recap of the past day
and the following steps.
9:00–12:30 Team work.
12:30 Lunch at the venue.
14:00–17:00 Team work.
17:00–19:00 Teams pitching their projects.
19:00 Dinner at the venue.
19:00–20:30 Committee session
20:30–21:00 Proclamation of the winners and the final mingling

*The organisers reserve the right to change the schedule according to the number of participants..

To download the event program. Click here.


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